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It’s difficult to rival the Fletcher Building Group when it comes to the variety of products we manufacture and distribute.

With over 50 brands in 40 countries across Building Products, Laminates and Panels, Infrastructure Products, Distribution and Construction divisions, there’s a massive requirement to ensure we’ve got excellence in sales.

We’ve got potential and existing customers across many different industry sectors, from large construction projects, through residential building to the local trade suppliers. We’ve got innovative marketing campaigns and the most developed logistics networks to get our products into the hands of our customers.

The key element is ensuring all these great things culminate in our ability to sell to the right markets. This is where our great sales professionals come in.

From our Trade Sales and Branch Managers to our Sales Reps, Account Managers and Area/Regional Managers, right up to our Sales GMs, there are opportunities for driven professionals at all levels.

We’ll ensure you’ve got the right opportunities to continue to build your career and make it in sales with Fletcher Building.

Types of roles available:

  • Sales Representative
  • Account Manager
  • Sales Executive
  • Business development Manager
  • Key Account Manager
  • Branch manager
  • Area Sales Manager
  • Regional / State (Sales) Manager
  • National Sales Manager

To find out more about what we do, meet Karen and see how she’s making it in the sales team.

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