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Winstone Wallboards is New Zealand's sole manufacturer and leading supplier of gypsum plasterboard with long-established market leading GIB® specialised products for noise, moisture, durability, fire and bracing requirements. Around 75% of Winstone Wallboards' products are used in the residential market, with the balance being used in commercial construction.

GIB® is an iconic New Zealand brand, its heritage tracing back to early manufacturing in New Zealand in 1927. Since then, regular innovations in the wall and ceiling market have kept Winstone Wallboards at the forefront of New Zealand building supply companies.

Our employees work in a variety of roles across New Zealand with GIB® manufacture based within two New Zealand plants, located in Auckland and Christchurch.

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Top 5 Reasons to work here

  1. One of Australasia's most respected public companies.
  2. Our scale provides options for career progression across a range of roles, industries, and locations.
  3. Our leaders create workplaces where people at all levels are engaged, excel and are rewarded.
  4. We invest in our people so they achieve their career goals and are kept safe. We believe all injuries can be prevented: Zero Harm.
  5. Our family programmes show we recognise our people live in a bigger world than the workplace.
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