Youth Programmes

Fletcher Building is committed to developing future talent.

Fletcher Building is a principal sponsor of First Foundation and every year we offer five New Zealand based new students a scholarship to pay for their studies and provide support for under privileged families. We sponsor college students from their last year of high school right through university and provide them with work experience throughout the year.

We are also a proud principal sponsor of the TupuToa Programme. This is an innovative internship programme creating pathways for Maori and Pasifika students in New Zealand into careers in the corporate and professional sectors. Each year we welcome a number of TupuToa interns to join Fletcher Building for a 3 month internship.

SwitchUp is our platform for employing young people across Fletcher Building in New Zealand. This is not your traditional recruitment process. You don’t need a CV and you don’t need any experience! You do need to be reliable, hardworking and have a great attitude.


We offer opportunities across Manufacturing/Operations, Fork lifting driving, Customer Service and Labouring.

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