Looking for work? Why not switch up your life with us?

SwitchUp is our platform for employing young people across Fletcher Building. This is not your traditional recruitment process. You don’t need a CV and you don’t need any experience! You do need to be reliable, hardworking and have a great attitude.

The roles we have on offer can vary but we’re usually looking for Operators, Manufacturing/Process Workers, Customer Service and Forklift Drivers. Most of our roles are in the Auckland region, but we also have sites in Hamilton and Christchurch (and a few places in between) that recruit these types of roles.

Simply follow these instructions to start your journey with us:

  1. Watch the Videos below.  This might not be the exact role you’ll be doing, but have a listen to what these young people say about working here.
  2. If you find a video and the job sounds a bit like you, hit the ‘Create Profile’ button to register your interest.
  3. Fill out our simple registration form telling us a bit more about YOU.
  4. Your application will be reviewed and you’ll be contacted by phone or email to advise the next steps.  It’s that simple!



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 Customer Service

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 Forklift Drivers

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 Manufacturing/Production Workers

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Not sure what kind of job you’re looking for?  That’s fine, tell us a bit about you anyway! 

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